Marion Hamilton Biography

Eye on Antiquity

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"My necklaces juxtapose ancient, antique and tribal beads and amulets.
Combining them 'out of context' creates an eccentric, contemporary style."
                                                                                   ~ Marion Hamilton

Honoring a deep sense of place, Marion is 4th generation Californian raised on a sheep ranch in Honeydew, CA. Currently and for many years, Marion lives in Winters, CA with walnut and citrus farming as her locus between trips abroad and art shows featuring her tribal ethnographic antiquities and uniquely composed one of a kind jewelry.

While living in Davis, CA with her husband, ecology professor Bill Hamilton, PhD., Marion studied art with members of the Bay Area Impressionist School - Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson, and Roy De Forest.

marion hamilton studio

In 1980 the Hamiltons moved to Winters, CA where Marion had an antique shop for many years. Her passion for art and antiques culminates with expertise as a jewelry designer, featuring asymmetrical contemporary compositions as portals into the past with an eye on antiquities.

Marion's comprehensive understanding of antique beads and artifacts comes from years of international travel and living part time in Africa.

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